Victims Share Their Story In Support of Marsy’s Law for North Dakota

Thank you to Albert and Shirley Meagher of Grand Forks for sharing their story and support of Marsy’s Law for North Dakota in the Grand Forks Herald:

In the mid-afternoon of a nice day — Jan. 19, 2015—two men burglarized our home. The act chilled our warm memories and shattered the safety of our home of many years.

When the time came for justice to be served, we stood in the courtroom and poured out our hearts, but the plea bargains already had been made.

We had no say—and none of us ever will have a say, unless we as victims stand up and help pass Marsy’s Law. The proposed ballot measure would elevate the rights of crime victims to the constitutional level in North Dakota.

Herald readers, don’t count on the system to deliver justice, if and when an injustice happens to you. It’s no wonder that people who have found themselves in that situation are now in favor of Marsy’s Law.

We as victims need more rights.


Albert and Shirley Meagher

Grand Forks